An Opportunity that Turned into a Blessing

An Opportunity that Turned into a Blessing

Dewi Sartika Kasman and Muhammad Reza Pratama Kamal used criticism as motivation to push through difficulty and achieve success.


Life often has a way of rearranging itself—a shift that can create chaos or moments of positive change. When Dewi Sartika Kasman and Muhammad Reza Pratama Kamal found themselves at a personal and professional crossroads, their decision to follow a path they hoped would lead to success with Nu Skin proved to be just the lifestyle change they wanted. And even though they faced harsh criticism and negative comments during their journey, they were determined to make this opportunity a rewarding one and prove to everyone that joining Nu Skin was a wise decision.


The couple both began their professional lives by working in the traditional marketplace. With a degree in economics, Dewi worked for a private bank before marrying Reza and moving with him to Jakarta. Unable to get a job at her bank’s branch office in Jakarta, she was a housewife, and then a stay-at-home mother once she had their first child. Working was important to her, however, so she started an online business that offered fashion apparel and accessories and home décor items. Reza had a degree in material engineering and worked in business development for a commercial property company before getting his master’s in marketing management; his hope was that an advanced degree would enable him to acquire a better, higher-paying job. However, both Dewi and Reza wanted to be independent professionals. So after a stint working for an IT company, he and Dewi returned to Makassar where he opened a video game rental business.


Unfortunately, the couple discovered that their education and previous business experience did not guarantee them success as business owners; Reza had to close his video rental shop and find a job while Dewi continued to develop her online business. Then Dewi was introduced to Nu Skin by a high school friend and the gears of positive change were soon put into motion.


Although she was intrigued with the compensation plan, Dewi was hesitant to get involved with Nu Skin since she had tried other direct selling businesses and had failed to make them successful. Reza was flat-out skeptical about the industry and didn’t want her to join the company. However, as Dewi’s upline leaders continued to follow up with her and she learned more about the growing demand for anti-aging products, Dewi decided to become a customer and try the products herself.


Improved Skin Led to an Improved Life

Her product results with the Galvanic Spa System were the catalyst that gave Dewi the confidence to join the company three weeks later. With Reza’s support, she began building her own team and customer base. Even though he was initially opposed to direct selling, he told her to see how it went and if she did well, continue with it. Reza supported Dewi by driving her to meetings and approaching family members and friends about attending presentations, even though he continued to work his full-time job.


Dewi’s journey as a Nu Skin sales leader was not easy at first—she faced many frustrations and rejections, including team members who gave up and even close friends who acted as dreamstealers. They told Dewi and Reza they should not take building a Nu Skin business seriously and that their efforts would only be temporary. Instead of discouraging the couple, Dewi says this negative attitude ignited their spirit of determination to make their business successful. They also wanted to help others build happier, more rewarding lives, which they felt Nu Skin could help them do. “We committed to our goal and made rejection our fuel to move fast so we could prove that we could reach our goal,” she says. “We also believed in ourselves, consulted with our uplines, and relied on our faith in God.”


At first, Dewi and Reza could only spend about seven days a month working on their Nu Skin business. Eventually, their business expanded, especially beyond their local city. In fact, the couple says 70 percent of their business is outside their hometown. This meant Dewi frequently had to leave home for a few days to help her team members who lived in these outer areas. The couple says they were fortunate to have contacts from their previous businesses, which helped them share Nu Skin with people all over Indonesia. They also made use of Messenger groups, social media, and their own circle of friends.


Creating a System for Sharing Nu Skin

One way they shared Nu Skin with people who lived far away was by sending them a DVD containing ageLOC technology information. If the people watched the DVD, Dewi would follow up with them to answer any questions they might have about the products or the business. They also had a system in place for building attendance away from home. Once one of their contacts signed up as a distributor, they would then encourage the new distributor to invite their relatives and friends to the product and business presentations.


Leaving her husband and child at home while she conducted business presentations in other cities created more criticism—this time from her parents—who did not understand what Dewi was trying to build with Nu Skin. Dewi was patient and simply worked harder to prove to everyone that she could reach her goals. Eventually, she was able to prove to them that Nu Skin offered a real opportunity to improve her and Reza’s lives.


It did not take long for Reza to lose his skepticism of direct selling. In June of 2014, Reza realized the potential Nu Skin offered and joined Dewi in their Nu Skin business. They are now working hard to make their once delayed and forgotten dreams a reality—plus they have more quality time to spend with their children, family, and friends. In addition to transforming their own lives with Nu Skin, the couple says they have witnessed changes in their friends. Some of the people who were initially critical of their efforts are now either sales leaders or customers or have referred others to Dewi and Reza. The couple says one of the main reasons people have decided to take a look at Nu Skin is because of the couple’s own changes. Once people saw their improved attitudes and confidence and noticed the many trips they had earned, they became curious to learn their secret.


The financial and time freedom the couple has gained is wonderful, but they say the most rewarding part of their business is playing a role in changing the lives of so many others and learning how to become better people themselves. They also envision using their success to make Indonesia a better country and place to live. The couple adds, “It is a blessing to do this business. Thank you, Nu Skin!” ■


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