A Life Inextricably Bound with Nu Skin

A Life Inextricably Bound with Nu Skin

Goo, Hyun Jin and her husband, Choi, Choong Il, pushed past difficult times and are now determined to make the impossible possible for everyone on their team.


The direction of Goo, Hyun Jin’s future began to take shape when she was just nine years old. That is when her father, who was only 37, suffered a heart attack. The day he passed away, Goo, Hyun Jin became determined to fulfill two goals: to live a meaningful life that enabled her to do everything she wanted and to find a way to help her mother, who had endured so much as a 30-year-old widow and single parent.


Not satisfied with her first job, Goo, Hyun Jin became an image consultant at the age of 27 and worked part-time as a college instructor. She was proud of her job and loved what she did, but she also knew she needed to find a more stable career to ensure a comfortable future.


Nu Skin did not interest Goo, Hyun Jin as a business when a friend first introduced her to the company. She was, however, very impressed with how the products improved her friend’s skin. She couldn’t envision selling beauty products herself, so she continued to say “No” each time her friend invited her to become a distributor. However, like many distributors, she did have a dream—to improve the lives of children experiencing difficult situations. It wasn’t long before Goo, Hyun Jin realized her dream fit perfectly with Nu Skin’s vision to be a force for good in the world. “When I first came across the mission of Nu Skin, I felt my heart beating hard and fast,” says Goo Hyun Jin. “I think from that moment, my life became inextricably bound with Nu Skin.”

Solving Everyday Problems Leads to Control

Although Goo, Hyun Jin finally made the decision to build a Nu Skin business, success eluded her at first as she struggled to acquire customers and team members. But, she remembered the difficult times her mother had faced during Goo, Hyun Jin’s childhood, and she found ways to solve any problems she encountered. Eventually Goo, Hyun Jin’s organization began to grow, and as her team members and product sales increased, she learned the importance of helping her group members envision the bigger picture of their lives. “Once you identify your clear ‘why’ for doing Nu Skin and draw a big picture based on this why, the little challenges you face every day will decrease,” says Goo, Hyun Jin. “Plus, learning to solve everyday problems can give you a sense of control.” She also believes growing pains are a necessary path to success. “The more hard times you experience, the sweeter it will be when you reach a higher pin title,” she adds.


Hard times were definitely part of Goo, Hyun Jin’s journey; she and her husband, Choi, Choong Il, struggled for two years to move their business forward. They even contemplated giving up when they lost their Ruby title. “We thought we were not cut out for this business. We didn’t even show up to our office for two or three months,” she says. They changed their minds, however, when they imagined their lives in the future as they watched people they had brought into the business enjoying the success the two of them wanted so much. They set their minds on reaching their goals and worked tirelessly, eventually qualifying as Blue Diamond Executives.


This accomplishment actually gave Goo, Hyun Jin one of the most rewarding moments of her life. She and Choi, Choong Il were taking a walk in the park right after qualifying, and she felt a new sense of happiness and tranquillity. This inspired her to focus on how she could help other people enjoy more hopeful, rewarding lives. She wanted to help her team members become more competent leaders. She also aspired to serve as a pillar of hope for her siblings and parents—especially her mother. She also made a goal to travel with her husband and go on a big vacation for their tenth anniversary with Nu Skin. Finally, she wanted to do what she could to be a positive example for their future children. Her dream to help children in need—by building a non-profit education center in Korea and then expanding this work internationally—also remains intact. “I once was a very selfish person,” she says. “However, I have learned how to care for others and cherish the small things in my life.”


Success Required Finding Her True Self

She has also learned the importance of self-management, such as setting goals and managing her time and health efficiently. And she discovered that she had to change herself and find her true self if she wanted to be successful. “I take the initiative to be a good team member, align with my sponsors, demonstrate values, and put a priority on my team over myself while treating people with lots of love,” she says. Her continued journey as a Nu Skin leader is teaching Goo, Hyun Jin that she must grow alongside her team. “My growth leads my team’s growth,” she says. She now devotes herself to Nu Skin’s business-building system and challenges herself to reach new titles and achievements. “Now I am in the process of making the impossible possible,” she adds. Using this philosophy, she says her team has regained its energy and is full of vitality as they work to reach their goals together. This attitude has made Goo, Hyun Jin genuinely thankful for each team member as she works to lead as many of them as possible to their own financial freedom. “I will do my very best to be the kind of leader who can contribute to Nu Skin’s success and growth,” she emphasizes, and adds, “I want to tell people how Nu Skin has taught me to be the best version of myself.” ■


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