Communicating Socially

Communicating Socially

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As communication methods evolve with technology connecting and communicating with your team can prove to be challenging. With the rise of social media, people are more open to sharing their feelings, and it is important to communicate to your team in a social, relational way.


Communicating relationally may not come easily. Here are a few tips* that can help you be more social and relational:


1.      Tap into feelings. Use questions like: “How does that grab you?” “How are you feeling about this?” to evoke appropriate use of emotion. When communicating opinion, use statements like: “I’m concerned about how others will react.”


2.      Make personal connections. Saying “Let’s work through this together.” “Have we talked through this enough?” “Is everyone on the same page?” “I’d love to connect with you about your plan.”


3.      Be Vulnerable. Communicate Vulnerability: “I am hurt you didn’t return my phone call.” “Are our plans and policies being administered fairly to all?”


4.      Show gratitude. Convey gratitude thoughtfully and sincerely. “I really love your contributions.” “I want to recognize how hard everyone is working and say thank you.” “How can we better serve the team? We want to make sure you keep up the great work.”


One last tip, and maybe the most important, is that even though you are communicating in a social, relational way, your messages do not need to be limited to 140 characters or less. Make sure to take the time needed to communicate effectively and show real concern for those in your team.


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