Embracing the Good Life by Helping Others

Embracing the Good Life by Helping Others

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Nicholas Yeo and his wife, Gan Kok Hong, grew up in poverty. Nicholas was raised in a small fishing village in Malaysia. As a young child, he had to work to help support the family, as well as cook for everyone when he was in the third grade and help with his father’s business on weekends and holidays. “We were so poor that we grew up eating rotten fruit,” he says. However, these hardships formed a strong bond between him, his siblings and parents—a bond that remains today.

Nicolas and Kok Hong studied hard so they could go to college, and each became a member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. They worked for a global top six accounting firm and earned good incomes. Later, they became high-ranking financial executives for a major company, which enabled them to lead a very comfortable life. Nicholas and Kok Hong were introduced to Nu Skin when another couple, Emily Yap & Chua Syer Cin, who were good friends and accounting colleagues, became full-time distributors. Nicholas was very skeptical of the direct selling business, but he kept a watchful eye on his friends’ Nu Skin journey. He saw their lives change significantly as they began to live their dreams, so Nicholas finally decided to “take the plunge” and become a Nu Skin distributor.


Belief in His Ability to Succeed Helped Fulfill His Dreams


Lacking confidence, Nicholas did not have big goals when he started his Nu Skin business. He      didn’t enjoy socializing with others, preferring to spend his time with his family. He soon realized this attitude restricted the development of his team, and he needed to make some changes. “Every member of my team has a dream,” he says. “I had to take responsibility to help them fulfill their dreams.” It was this sense of responsibility that empowered him to do things that he would not normally do. He began tackling his fear of talking to strangers by striking up conversations with people he encountered in elevators. “I made changes bit by bit,” he says. “Consequently, I have made big changes in myself.” He realized that fulfilling his dreams required constantly enhancing his belief that he could make them come true. He also decided that if other people could be successful in the business, so could he. He attended all of the meetings and listened to business-related training CDs every day. His knowledge began to grow, along with his confidence. He soon realized that his desire to fulfill his dreams was stronger than the intensity of any difficulties he was facing.

One of Nicholas’ dreams was to have the time and financial freedom to travel the world with his family. He and Kok Hong fulfilled that dream, and even took their parents along on several Team Elite trips, drawing admiration from others as the largest family group on those trips.

Family Picture (2) (Paris TE Trip in 2012)

A Health Concern Helped Nicholas Discover What Is Most Important


In 2012, Nicholas was invited to speak at the Nu Skin Greater China Regional Convention. Because of debilitating back pain, he had to spend the day before the speech in bed. Afterwards, a well-regarded physician told him he might have cancer. Fortunately, the diagnosis was later proved to be incorrect, but Nicholas’ attitude was forever changed. It was this sudden concern about his health that helped him realize what was most important to him. “For me, the brilliance of my life does not lie in what kind of car I drive or what brand of bag I carry,” he says. “Instead, it is because of Nu Skin…I have had the opportunity to change the lives of lots of people and see the brilliance of theirlives.”


The Story Is Different with Nu Skin


Nicholas says he and Kok Hong used to be ordinary accountants, and even though they were executives, they could never help their subordinates earn as much as they did. “At Nu Skin, the story is totally different,” he says. He’s been surprised by his financial success, but also amazed by how he has been able to help others. He finds great meaning in teaching people how to duplicate his success so others can fulfill their dreams, just as he and Kok Hong have been able to do. Nicholas continues to dream—but now bigger and bigger—and he encourages his business partners to work together to create greater brilliance and miracles with their Nu Skin businesses.