Focus: Six Steps to Do More of What Matters

Focus: Six Steps to Do More of What Matters


A trait of successful people is the ability to fight distraction and focus on the task at hand. Listed below are six things to help you focus on accomplishing things that matter:


First things first


The typical approach to getting things done is to just dive in. Instead, take a moment to list the things that need to be done and number them based on importance. If you have a big project that takes priority but isn’t due for a week or more, break it into smaller tasks to avoid rushing at the last minute. This will reduce stress and result in higher quality work.


Pick your top 2 or 3 core tasks each day.


From the list you have made, pick your 2 or 3 most important tasks to do first. Select those that lead you to completing bigger goals and bring you success. Think of them as the essential building blocks that lead to accomplishing your goals.


Put distractions in their place


Distractions can throw you off focus quickly and waste time. When focusing on the task at hand, silence your phone,  don’t check texts or email, don’t browse the web, and avoid anything else that can disrupt momentum.


Do one task at a time.


Multitasking not only slows you down but increases stress, making you less effective and leading to quicker burnout. By working on one task at a time you will get more done, and the quality of work will be better.


Take breaks


Know your limits on how long you can focus. The average person can concentrate on the task at hand for about an hour before productivity drops. When you start to lose concentration,  take a minute to stretch, go on a short walk, or do anything else that refreshes your mind. Focus is like a muscle that needs to be trained, so you should also be able to increase your time between breaks as you do this.


Celebrate small wins that build to big things.


It’s important to celebrate small victories on the road to your big projects. Just like you would celebrate losing pounds or inches when getting in shape, celebrate small victories to keep you motivated as you work toward your goals.