Keep It Simple and Never Give Up

Keep It Simple and Never Give Up

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Tone Idland remembers quite clearly the date she was introduced to Nu Skin: November 18, 2004. A colleague invited her to attend a presentation about the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner, and she was intrigued. Impressed by what she heard, she started using the products and experienced positive results. At first, she only recommended the products to others since she was a full-time police officer and quite happy with her job.


Tone’s interest in the Scanner and the products was a natural offshoot of her own interest in practicing healthy habits. She has always exercised and, at one point, played top division handball. She could see that Nu Skin’s products could help her and her family enjoy better health. When she attended the European Convention in Brussels in 2006, she fully understood everything Nu Skin offered. “What really appealed to me were the values of the company and the science behind the products, as well as all of the great people who shared their stories on stage,” she says. “I remember thinking, ‘If all of these people have managed to earn a good income with Nu Skin, then so can I!’” At that moment, she decided to build her own successful business and never quit—her belief system had been set in motion, and she was determined to create a life that would afford her more time with her children plus financial freedom.


A Necessary Sacrifice


With a full-time position on the police force and with two young children, Tone had limited time to build her business. She had two hours every Monday and Thursday that she could devote to finding customers and growing her team, and she made the most of those hours. She invited people to measure their carotenoid antioxidant level with the Scanner or to hear a business presentation at a meeting site her sponsors maintained. If no one came, Tone referred to her list of potential prospects and made new appointments. She attended these meetings faithfully, even if she had no guests in attendance. “I did this consistently over a period of about one year so I could build a stable Circle Group and help other people do the same,” she explains.


Making sacrifices is often required if you want to reach your goals. Tone decided to give up handball—a sport she really enjoyed—and use that time to work on growing her business. She could see the potential to become a leader with Nu Skin and, eventually, she decided to scale back her hours working for the police force. She began to devote part-time hours to the police force and part-time hours to her Nu Skin business.


Understanding the team concept is also very valuable to anyone wishing to have success with Nu Skin, Tone believes. “When people understand that they are part of a team, and not all by themselves, they see how it is possible for them to build their business,” she says. “I have arranged in-home meetings together with my partners and also hold weekly meetings, and I always encourage everyone to use our great Nu Skin Experience Centre in Oslo.” Attending the company’s conventions and regional meetings is also important, she feels. And she says she has been lucky to have so many great upline leaders who have offered fantastic support to her and her team.

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Keep It Simple and Never Give Up


Like anyone building a business, Tone has had her share of challenges. She advises new distributors to firmly believe in their own abilities as well as in the products and company, no matter what situations they encounter. “It can be distracting meeting people who are negative, especially if you are new in the business,” she says. She feels people often do not see the “big picture” at first and simply don’t realize how Nu Skin can change their lives. It is important, therefore, for distributors “to train their brain every day.” In other words, read, listen to, or watch material that builds you up and helps you maintain a positive attitude. “If your ‘why’ is big enough, you’ll always find a way to overcome challenges,” she adds. “If not, you’ll find an excuse.”


Now doing her business full-time, Tone believes building a successful business requires distributors to “keep it simple: invite, present, follow up.” And she can’t emphasize enough the power behind teamwork. Most of all, she advises people to never give up on their dreams.