Social Dos

Social Dos

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Social media is a great tool to connect with others in our quick-paced lives. You can use social media to connect instantly with family, friends and colleagues around the world. Here are a few tips that will help you to stay connected with others on social media.


1) Be Positive


Be an example of positivity to your social network by being upbeat. Share quotes you find uplifting, tips that help others succeed, or even something that makes you laugh or smile, and you will see others gravitate toward you.


When looking for ways to incorporate how Nu Skin improves your life in some of your posts, think about how Nu Skin has made your life positive. What products do you love? How is it making you feel and live younger?


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2) Be Accurate


Your social media profile is an extension of who you are in real life. When people know you are honest and truthful online, they will be more likely to trust you in person. When you post on social media, make sure what you are posting is true and accurate.


When it comes to talking credibly about Nu Skin it’s easy to get to the right information. is a great resource for accurate information. If you provide any information or statements on products make sure that the information comes from approved product information.


Be sure to provide information that others can rely on. All social media posts, testimonials, before and after photos and product and opportunity claims must comply with Nu Skin Policies and Procedures and your obligations as a sales leader.  Please do not use unapproved before and after photos, or misleading product and opportunity claims as this can reflect badly upon you and Nu Skin. Be realistic about expectations of the business opportunity and the effort required to achieve success. Other Nu Skin news or facts that can be shared can be found on our Newsroom or on The Source. If you have questions about what Nu Skin policies allow please contact your account manager or go online to


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3) Be Part of Something


Social media is a great way to share personal insights with many of your friends. This could range from your favorite shoes, a restaurant that you like or a noteworthy cause you support. Incorporating these details will help people get to know you better and create common ground with those that like similar things.


There are many ways to incorporate Nu Skin in your social media.  Share your latest exercise routine and how a positive product experience is helping you achieve your goals. You can also share any changes in how you look or feel after using Nu Skin products, however, remember any product claims must be from approved Nu Skin product materials. Nu Skin’s Force for Good mission is another great source of a share-worthy cause.


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4) Be Natural


Be yourself on social media. Share your hobbies, favorite shows, books, trips and anything else you find amusing. Think about social media as a conversation with a friend in real life.


Be careful not to over share Nu Skin.  Sharing Nu Skin on social media is important, however, it should not take the focus away from your life. You are  the main reason people became your friend and decided to connect with you in the first place. Integrate Nu Skin products, success tips and events as a natural part of your everyday life.


All sales representatives are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior in your posts. For more information of what is appropriate on social media, please see your local distributor policy and procedures.


All marketing materials (product claims, testimonials, social media posts, etc.) must comply with Nu Skin’s Policies and Procedures.