The Path to Becoming a Leader

The Path to Becoming a Leader

Yumiko Takatsu discovered how to create synergy within her organization and how to help her team members earn success.


One of the beauties of Nu Skin is the diversity of its sales leaders—and just as varied are the reasons people decide to join the company.


For Yumiko Takatsu, the deciding factor was the product appeal of the Galvanic Body Spa. She felt sure she would be able to supplement her and her husband’s income with this product and Nu Skin’s vision. She was a housewife back then and knew that income for part-time jobs that a housewife could do was limited. But she already had the motivation and enthusiasm necessary for taking action. Her positive energy was obvious even when she began her professional life. After graduating from high school, she became a freelance jazz dance and aerobics instructor, hoping to become a backup dancer for an artist she admired.


Later, when she was 30, she made a career switch to the world of golf. While working as a professional caddie for golf tournaments and training junior golfers, as a volunteer, she founded a social education organization for youth development. She met her ideal partner at the golf course and married him.


Soon after joining Nu Skin, she noticed the Nu Skin difference; that is, how the culture and leaders of Nu Skin were providing support to distributors. “I was brought up in a family that made me feel I never received any attention,” she says. “But my upline Team Elite leader put off his own affairs and rushed to me when I needed his support. For the first time in my life, I had met a person who demonstrates his support through his actions. There are so many people who talk the talk but cannot walk the talk, and he has continued to provide me with warm support.” This individual inspired Yumiko to be just as helpful and dynamic a leader as he is so she could guide her own team to success.


Believing in People Helps Her Train Others

Feeling appreciated also played a significant role in Yumiko’s love for Nu Skin and determination to be successful. “This means a lot to me as I had never been valued, no matter how hard I worked,” she explains. Past experiences had also made her lose her faith and trust in people. She states, “Thanks to Nu Skin, I believe in people again.” Her belief in people and the joy she takes in working with them is one reason she has built such an impressive organization. She makes it a point to use the products and understand their benefits first. Then she thoroughly shares them with the people around her while continuing to help others. This helps her achieve her own goals and assists her in building honest and solid relationships.


Committed to Achieving Goals and Building a Family-Like Group

Yumiko discovered it was important for her downlines first to attend the Ruby workshop. “We can create an environment in which we can meet the qualifications for participating in the Success Trip early if we also aim for the Ruby workshop,” she says. She knew that once they experienced the wonderful opportunities and hospitality Nu Skin provided, they would be eager to work hard to earn a success trip, which is an even more impressive event. When someone in her downline expresses interest in qualifying for special trips, she works with them to help them make the most of the experience.


She feels that a synergy is created within her group when group members share the same goal and put effort into satisfying the conditions for participating in the trip. “We worked hard together and encouraged each other so that three of us would be qualified for the Success Trip in 2015,” she adds. “It was encouraging to know that I was not alone, and I felt a sense of accomplishment that I would not otherwise have experienced by myself.” This close working relationship creates a warm, supportive family atmosphere that is very important to Yumiko as she continues to help new sales leaders expand their goals. She believes new sales leaders who want to qualify for success trips should establish a distribution network by making full use of the company’s product and business-building strategies as well as become knowledgeable about the basic products.


Leadership Insight Helps Her Find the Path to the Future

Yumiko feels strongly that people must have a strong personal belief system if they want to be successful. “Have strong beliefs in the company, in your upline and—most important—believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of changes,” she encourages sales leaders. “Plus, please never give up.”


Earning a spot on a recent success trip as a Team Elite Executive gave Yumiko new insight into her role as a leader: “I felt that I needed to roll up my sleeves now that it was my turn to welcome the participants coming in on the following day,” she says. “’I even felt pressed that I must set higher goals to become the right person for the title of Team Elite. I will keep making a greater commitment so that I can catch up with other Team Elite Executives.”


In addition to continually adding new customers and helping her sales leaders move forward, Yumiko keeps her leadership momentum going by continuing to share Nu Skin with people. In fact, her favorite activity is sponsoring. “I just love the moment when a person who was at first not interested in Nu Skin says, ‘Nu Skin is amazing!’ after I explain it,” she says. “Of course, there are those who do not change, but it’s just their choice. There is no time to get upset. You just need to forget about it and go for the next person.” ■


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