Health and Fitness

Health and fitness

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ageLOC TR90 weight management system

Gene Expression - ageLOC Youth Innovation Background 

We know that ageLOC Youth is a powerful anti-aging supplement but do you know how? One of the latest studies shows the influence it can have on gene expression in the body.

Vitamin D: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

Vitamin D is nicknamed the “sunshine” vitamin because our bodies make it from sunlight. One of the simplest ways to get vitamin D is through quality supplements like Pharmanex Vitamin D3! Learn more about vitamin D and how it can benefit your life.

FAQ: ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System

ageLOC TR90 was designed to help participants stay motivated and work towards their health and fitness goals. Here are the top 7 questions people have when using the TR90 Weight Management system. 

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What is Bioavailability of Dietary Supplements?

Have you ever heard of bioavailability? It is the key to understanding how nutrients work in the body to get the most out of foods, vitamins, and supplements.

Effects of ageLOC Youth on the Brain

Pharmanex scientists decided to dive deeper into the effects ageLOC Youth has on the brain. In a six week study researches found an increase in brain energy levels among participants.

Simple Ways to Stay Active

Whether you are home all day or have a chance to exercise outdoors safely, there are things you can do to stay physically active and enjoy the benefits of moving.